Fraser Mcgregor Fencing
Our aim is to provide a good fencing service to the home, the farmer, the businessman and the equestrian. From a stylish garden fence to a practical stock fence and from a garden shed to pony paddock
David Dixons Garden Machinery
At our new centre in Haugh Lane Industrial Estate you'll find all the garden machinery, equipment, tools, water fittings and parts, to make sure, among other things, that the grass is always greener
Seymour Gardens & Trees
Whatever your needs are and whatever size of garden you have, we only use experienced and qualified horticulturalists and arboriculturalists who also hold necessary spraying licenses for weed control.
Spacial Integrity Landscape Services
Originally based in the Scottish Borders and Berwickshire. There is a great emphasis on quality and continuity from design, construction, maintenance and feedback. This ensures that the projects
Martin Seeber Garden Design
Marcus Barnett's Telegraph garden influenced by the art of Mondrian was breathtaking. The layouts of plants in blocks of bold contrasting colours, with white paving and luscious greens to compliment