Are you a gardener who enjoys growing and taking care of fruits and vegetables? Or flowers such as hyacinths in a container, violets, and pansies? As the cold days fade away, spring arrives in full force... So, in March and April, we all want to start working in the garden! Why don't you begin with strawberries? The greatest period to plant strawberries is from the middle of December until the beginning of April! We're here to help if you're not sure what sort of strawberries to grow.

What are the greatest strawberry varieties? Well… Strawberries come in over 600 varieties, and the rose family has about five or six members. That's a great amount! So, how can you pick the finest garden varieties to plant? We've compiled a list of five delectable variations that you'll like! There will be no more supermarkets! You can cultivate delicious strawberries right in your own backyard!


This is one of the most common types of strawberries the one to consider if you want huge, luscious fruits! The Gorella strawberry may weigh anywhere from 30 to 45 g, with some reaching 50 g! Strawberry jam and delicious fruity sweets like Panna Cotta and a beautiful creamy cheesecake are unbeatable with these strawberries!


Gariguette strawberries have a clear and elongated shape, a soft texture, and a rich scent, as well as a strong, sweet, somewhat lemony, and fragrant flavour. They are considered the best strawberries in France. The elongated and tapering form of this type, as well as its beautiful red colour, make it easy to identify. These strawberries should be eaten whole. Simply clean them well, eat them, and enjoy them!

Mara Des Bois

The strawberry cultivar Mara Des Bois yields tiny to medium-sized fruits. They have a rich crimson hue and a spherical, somewhat conical form. Their outer surface has shiny noticeable seeds. When ripe, the Mara Des Bois has a melting texture that falls somewhere between the delicate sweetness of a wild strawberry and the firmness of a supermarket strawberry. It's most known for its sweet taste and extremely aromatic perfume, which is reminiscent of wild strawberries.

The Queen of the Valleys

Strawberries are harvested when they are brilliant red and easily detachable. They are fragile and do not last long. They are the summer fruit of excellence, being high in vitamins and low in calories. They will delight everyone whether eaten fresh, in jams, in fruit purées, or pies! Before the winter frosts arrive, reduce your strawberries to 6 cm in height to ensure that they have a peaceful winter. The strawberry plant " The Queen of the Valleys" is an alpine strawberry variety known for its taste. It yields delicious berries from May till the first frosts. Furthermore, it is a very low-maintenance plant!


You know when a flower or fruit is great when bees and birds are fascinated by it! Their favourite is the Favette! Its powerful aroma and delicious sweetness might cause one of those wonderful culinary head spins! Although this kind is significantly smaller than the others, its strong flavour surpasses all expectations, good or bad! The end of March is the perfect time to plant not just the Favette, but also the other plants we've specified! So you've got some time to get ready! Know that whether you're growing in pots or your garden, you'll have an abundance of a crop this year!