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I am Timothy Major, the acupuncturist practising at the Garden Acupuncture Room. The clinic here in Summerseat, Ramsbottom is open most days by appointment. If you would like to make an appointment, ask a question, or get more information of any kind - please telephone or text ( 07713 508 678 ). This site exists not only to advertise my practice, but also to tell you a little about myself and about acupuncture therapy. Hopefully this will help you to decide if you would like to have acupuncture treatment and whether I am the right choice of practitioner for you.

A detailed history is taken at our first session together, which needs to cover such things as previous medical history, current medications, current symptoms. At this first session your pulses and tongue will be accessed, as these give most valuable diagnostic clues to the state of a person's health in Chinese medicine and help the acupuncturist determine the best treatment plan for you.

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38 Higher Summerseat

Ramsbottom, BL0 9UG
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