We specialise in garden maintenance and renovation and offer free surveys and advice, written specifications and quotations. While we promote sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening we also advocate the judicial use of chemicals to keep costs down. All organic waste is removed from site and where possible composted for reuse as soil conditioner.

Perhaps you can no longer cope with a much loved garden and need a little help to keep it looking good. Perhaps you are too busy to keep on top of it or so worn out after the daily grind that you have no energy or inclination to keep the weeds at bay. Even the most enthusiastic gardener needs a break occasionally. Imagine not having to mow the lawn. You would have an extra hour to spare at weekends, not have to spend money maintaining a lawn mower, never have to worry about getting rid of grass clippings. More free time, more storage space and for less outlay than you might imagine. Let us take some of the backache out of your gardening.