Elbec Garden Buildings

My family and friends say that shopping is what I do best, so when the internet came along and opened up a whole new paradise for shoppers like me, I was very excited. However, I felt the internet stores lacked that personal touch, expertise and simplicity. So it was to this end I founded elbec. I want you to have the best possible customer experience when shopping with us. As always things change and customers needs change, so if there is anything we can do better please email me at: marilyn.elliott@elbec.co.uk.

If you are not familiar with on-line shopping then please use our 'How to Shop at elbec' section. I hope you will not need to use this section, as I believe we have developed an easy to use website. We all know what a good shopping experience feels like, all we want is to feel confident in the product we are buying and confident in the company that we are buying the product from, and we don't like being delayed unnecessarily.